REVELIST - Article on "DAY JOB" Zine by Steven Galekovic

Online entertainment, lifestyle, beauty and art magazine, Revelist, did a review on my zine "Day Job," as well as a Q and A on how I use art and design to get through my forms of anxiety.

Fine Art Piece For Upcoming Zine - Virgin Territory by Steven Galekovic

This is an abstract, fine art piece I created using a combination of color pencils, pen and ink line work and hand written notes. This piece is apart of my new zine titled "Virgin Territory."

You don't have to prove anything about your life to anyone other than yourself. People that judge you are insecure and don't matter when it comes down to it. Move on and away from negativity and follow your personal goals and dreams.

Check out my post of this piece on my Behance Profile - https://www.behance.net/gallery/42087691/Native-Expectations

New Painting For "Virgin Territory" Zine by Steven Galekovic

I recently created an abstract, fine art piece using a combination color pencils, pen & ink line work and hand written notes. This piece is apart of my new zine titled "Virgin Territory." The purpose of creating this artwork is to express acceptance of yourself and letting positivity into life. This is something I try to remind myself to do everyday.

Please check out my post showcasing this design on my Behance profile - https://www.behance.net/gallery/41881617/Acceptance

And keep checking back on my site - WWW.STEVENGALEKOVIC.COM/NEWS for more updates on my work!!!!

Picture Clear Art - Brooklyn, NYC by Steven Galekovic


Very humbled and excited to announce I am now a contributing artist at Picture Clear Art - An Artwork Prop House located in NYC that solely uses emerging artists’ work to fulfill the needs of film, television, theatrical and commercial productions. Hoping in the upcoming months my fine art pieces will be seen in a new movie or TV show!! -  psyched to be a part of this great company!!! Check out the link to learn more about Picture Clear Art!!!

New Illustration/Graphic Work For T-Shirt Design by Steven Galekovic

I recently got hired for a project, to create a graphic illustration based off of the famous Obama "HOPE" poster for a t-shirt design. My client wanted her dog, Pepper, to be the main focus and have a red, white (light tan) and blue themed look, similar to how Obama was portrayed.

Pepper is running for President - I suggest you vote for this dog if you know whats good for you!!!

More photos of this graphic on t-shirts coming soon in the near future!!!

Another Sneak Peek At My New Zine by Steven Galekovic

Here's another piece I created for my new zine - Virgin Territory. Almost done with it!!! Super psyched to release it. The zine is definitely filled with meaningful messages, and feelings about situations I believe a teenager/young adult may also be experiencing through during their everyday lives. More info on the zine coming soon!!!!

"Virgin Territory" Zine is coming... by Steven Galekovic

Almost done with my new zine - stoked to release it

New Addition To The Abstract Guache Painted Notes - Fine Art by Steven Galekovic

I added a new guache painting to my "Abstract Guache Painted Notes" section. Please check it out!! This piece will also be apart of my upcoming zine - Virgin Territory (currently in the works...)

Check them all out here - http://stevengalekovic.com/abstract-guache-painted-notes/

Added New Fine Art Piece - Experiential Reality by Steven Galekovic

I posted a new addition to the Experiential Reality Guache paintings under the fine art section. Please check it out!

New DIY Grip Tape Design I Created by Steven Galekovic

Here are a few photos of the new grip design I created on top of my DIY Obscene Blowfish board. I still feel that I personally get psyched to skate even more whenever I customize my grip. Never gets old and always fun as fuck!!!!!!!!!



Anotha 1

Anotha 1

Process of placing grip and drawing designs with multi colored paint pens

Process of placing grip and drawing designs with multi colored paint pens



Crispy setup :)

Crispy setup :)

New DIY Board Graphic I Designed & Illustrated by Steven Galekovic

I created an illustration of a Blowfish, which was intended to be used as a graphic to be put on a skateboard. Here is the final execution of the Blowfish graphic silkscreened onto a deck. This was all done DIY.

It is definitely so gratifying and so much goddamn fun creating your own graphics and being able to ride them too!! It's something that I always wanted to do since I was a very little skate rat!! 

Time to set this thing up!!!!!!!

Obscene Blowfish Skateboard Graphic

Obscene Blowfish Skateboard Graphic

The Obscene Blowfish Graphic

The Obscene Blowfish Graphic

Close up on some fine - lined detail of the fish and op art background

Close up on some fine - lined detail of the fish and op art background

Something From Today - Fine Art - Zine Work by Steven Galekovic

Its been fun and expressive experience continuing work for my new zine - Virgin Territory. Here is something I created today. Acceptance and love for yourself is key to keep moving forward. Some things just need to be said in order to remove stress/judgment off your shoulders, helping you grow as a human being.

New Zine In The Works... by Steven Galekovic

Working on finishing my new zine titled "Virgin Territory" that will be done in the near future. Here are some spreads I created for the zine. 


More to come!!!!!!!!!

Shout Out - Thank You For The Twitter Post!! by Steven Galekovic

I recently came across this very nice post Julia Martins wrote about my art work on Behance! Very humbled and appreciative of her kind words! If you are on twitter please follow Julia - @JuliaMartinsArt. Also, please check out my profile on Behance - behance.net/steve_galekovic

New Illustration Work!! by Steven Galekovic

This is an illustration I created of a blowfish. I designed the creature using pen and ink on sketch paper, first drawing the contour outlines. After I scanned my artwork into the computer, I digitally colored the fish, as well as created optical illusions and typography in the background.

View different versions of this piece, as well as other drawings under my Illustrations section!