Fine Art Piece For Upcoming Zine - Virgin Territory by Steven Galekovic

This is an abstract, fine art piece I created using a combination of color pencils, pen and ink line work and hand written notes. This piece is apart of my new zine titled "Virgin Territory."

You don't have to prove anything about your life to anyone other than yourself. People that judge you are insecure and don't matter when it comes down to it. Move on and away from negativity and follow your personal goals and dreams.

Check out my post of this piece on my Behance Profile -

Picture Clear Art - Brooklyn, NYC by Steven Galekovic

Very humbled and excited to announce I am now a contributing artist at Picture Clear Art - An Artwork Prop House located in NYC that solely uses emerging artists’ work to fulfill the needs of film, television, theatrical and commercial productions. Hoping in the upcoming months my fine art pieces will be seen in a new movie or TV show!! -  psyched to be a part of this great company!!! Check out the link to learn more about Picture Clear Art!!!

Another Sneak Peek At My New Zine by Steven Galekovic

Here's another piece I created for my new zine - Virgin Territory. Almost done with it!!! Super psyched to release it. The zine is definitely filled with meaningful messages, and feelings about situations I believe a teenager/young adult may also be experiencing through during their everyday lives. More info on the zine coming soon!!!!

New Addition To The Abstract Guache Painted Notes - Fine Art by Steven Galekovic

I added a new guache painting to my "Abstract Guache Painted Notes" section. Please check it out!! This piece will also be apart of my upcoming zine - Virgin Territory (currently in the works...)

Check them all out here -