My name is Steven Galekovic. I am a 22-year-old, Jersey Shore-raised artist, who has recently relocated to Southern California. I am currently enrolled as a student at Otis College of Art and Design and am majoring in Graphic Design

My interests in the visual arts world does not stop with Graphic Design. I have a deep passion for drawing and painting which stems from my love for skateboarding. The bold, unique graphics on the backs of skateboards continuously inspire me to create work of my own to plaster on my boards. Illustrative work of animals and creatures, as well as abstract fine art pieces, such as optical illusions are some of my favorite subjects to create. Often times, I find myself utilizing my illustrative and fine art skills for multiple graphic design projects or ideas.Getting to work with major skate brands and design studios I look up to is what I aspire to do one day. 


Please contact me here if you have any requests involving design work or general questions -

732 - 284 - 9265

Check out my Resume here!